Like OMG, i am like so supprised that our world is just sooooo nice. like, i have 2 really good examples.

The other day, like i was sitting there, and my best friend like said he would call me back, and never did, and like, i found out that hes talking to my ex and my ex is trying to get with him, and like, its ok because they are just such nice people. and like, i love them soooooo much that i just love those boys. Like, i hope they both know that im always there for them, even though im a STD ridden Pedophile lover and a stupid redneck Ya’ll!!!!! Because like, their smart and im stupid. Like all i think about is my hair, and my tan, and like my clothes, and pretty much im just a dumb ass… like omg…

And then a few days ago, like i was working, and some lady heard about the problems i have been having, and like, she said “Adam, go find Jesus” and i was like “OMG” and i did. and it happened.

My parents soooooo knew what they were doing when they sent me to a million and a half specialists after i shaved my head and started acting weird. because they are just soooo much smarter then me, and they know me better like, then i know myself.

Like all these things just make me wanna cry, and or like, get a job sitting on my ass all day, and talking on the phone, and then like, comingĀ  home and being a complete mental case and like, let my mother answer all of my calls and let her be a complete immature hag, and like i should try and turn peoples friends against them… like… thats soooooooooo me.

i need to lie to my friends and tell them im judging the miss america pagent.


(if anyone believes that this post is to be taken serious, then your just too dumb to be reading it)


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