Im Sorry… Kinda

OK, so my last blog was a little harsh, and let me go on to say that i am sorry to any person with a problem, be it Bulimia, Anorexia or whatever. But unfortunatly the person in question suffers from Attentionwhoreia, and believe me, the side effects are much more damaging.  When you parade into a bar with your “omgparishiltonlykeomg” additude and your huge sunglasses that are bigger than your face… Well, to someone who is practicing sobriety, and simply there to socialize with a few friends, its sickening. And pretty soon I’M the one who is starting to have trouble holding my dinner down.

Then to my dismay, you begin to leach in on someone who is in my close inner circle. They then refuse to heed my warning and begin to become smitten with you, because you have obviously lent them your huge sunglasses, that are bigger than you face, and they have rendered them blind.

Anyone who claims to be a “lush” is searching for attention. everyone knows that, and when you become infamous… not famous, but infamous for your “addiction” to alchohol and vomit, its sad, because people only like you for one of two reasons.|

A. Because your a Trainwreck

B. Because standing next to you, they look sane/pretty (actually, they look ANYTHING but skinny next to you)

so all in all, when you called me “fat” (Fat, being a non drinker/ non drug user/ non whore/ non paris hilton fan/ non vomit-er/ non stick figure) It was tragic. tragic tragic tragic, just like your future.

God, I really need to try and be more sympathetic.


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