Another Day, Another Drama

OK, Another day, Another rant… this one comes from the heart…


let me just say… actually, where do i even start on such a touchy subject?  Ok, if you are 847353876 lbs, please please please wear the appropriate sized clothing. 

Thats not actually where im going with this, This is for you dumb faggots out there that think its cool to starve yourself and/or vomit. Ok, first off, this practice is very very very deadly, but if you slowly want to comitt suicide, then whos buisness is it but yours, and God’s i suppose. the effects of this practice (and i use the word “practice” for all of you attention whores! although i do aknowlege that some people suffer from real issues that they do not control) Ok, anyway this practice does not make you look like paris hilton or whom ever you are tryin to muse. its sad when your chihuahua actually weights more than its owner…

so lets all just sacrifice looking bigger for looking dumb.

So my question for you IS: As you were throwing up your third breakfast this morning, did you leave your personality in the toilet… better check!


With Love,



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