The topic of this blog is strange and unknown, even to those who are highly educated in the science field. It’s a theif that steals the life of its victim.


One of the most frightening words, let alone diseases, in the world. Its victims are catagorized as unclean, untouchable. They are deamed unworthy to live.

 So let me start by saying that not one victim of HIV/AIDS has “asked for” this disease. They have not Sinned. God is not punishing them. When I hear someone say “anyone that has aids should be inprisoned” or “America should dispose of people who are HIV/AIDS positive” Its apparent that that person is highly uneducated, and has no soul. Heaven forbid that that person become stricken with a deadly disease, and be judged just like they have judged others. After all, karma exists.

To Those of you who, like me, are negetive:
 – Use protection
– Get tested often
And Most importantly, cherish your health and stop taking life for granted.

To those of you who test positive, and are trying to live a happy life: I commend you for being strong! Keep pressing on and live your life to the fullest. God Bless you.

And to you, America:

Lets get off our high horses, stop pretending that we are better than everyone, and find a cure!


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